Tough Times Call For A Strong Leader​

Carriè Solages
 The leader we need NOW.

NY 4th Congressional District

August 23, 2022
Democratic Primary Election

  • Increase Federal Funding for our communities. 

  • Address the Opioid Epidemic affecting our young people.

  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten for our young children. 

  • Secure more funding for our schools.


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Dedicated Community Advocate

Carriè Solages has:  

  • Stopped the installation of Speed Cameras

  • Stopped plans for the development of a Casino

  • Re-Opened the 5th precinct

  • Fixed county roads

  • Held workshops to help homeowners save money on taxes


Carriè understands the current challenges we are facing, not only in Nassau County, but throughout our great country. Many times, during his political career he managed the unexpected for his constituents with perseverance. He has proven his dedication and shown his commitment to the residents, not only in his district but anyone who has sought out his help. He is the type of leader we need in these trying times.

Carriè Solages is someone who can make the hard decisions when needed. Carriè is a leader who has shown us his dedication to standing up for our community.


Today we are faced with unprecedented times that call for a resilient leader, and Carriè Solages is that leader. Carriè’s track record of legislation has proven his dedication and commitment to the community. Not only is he compassionate to the public's concerns, but he is also legislatively supportive. This is the type of leader we need in these difficult times. Carriè is someone with the fortitude who can implement the changes we seek.


gun violence

We are at an important point in our nation’s history in which we cannot afford to pass the obligation of gun reform and safer gun laws that limit gun violence. Implementing universal background checks is an important policy
recommendation that is long overdue in addressing our nation’s gun violence


We need new laws to address this need. Many preventable tragedies happen
where individuals were given access to guns with a proven history of mental
illness and violence. This is the most basic form of protection to assure that
firearms are not placed in the hands of dangerous individuals.

Women's rights

The oppressions of womens’ rights happening right now is unacceptable. We cannot legislate a woman's choice to make decisions with her doctor. I am disappointed with this decision and grieve with women across the United States. We need to fight for women to gain their freedoms back, and elect tough leaders who will not back down.


EConomic development

A program must be initiated to use public spending and tax incentives to attract small businesses. Large corporations should not be the only one receiving tax cuts. Instead, they should be given incentives to keep jobs domestic. The aid that was allocated for small businesses by the federal government and provided to New York State needs to be dispersed. I call on these funds to be immediately distributed to assist our small business owners.

public safety

Solages will enhance police and community relations, he understands different areas of the district need different resources and approaches. He has established programs to build better relations between the community and law enforcement, established two Police Athletic League programs in his district as a legislator. Solages will institute the programs throughout the congressional district for the youth of our communities.

Property taxes

Solages asks the question, “How can our current leaders write tax regulations that drown the poor, rob the middle class, and enrich the wealthy. Our seniors should not have to choose between medication or food.”  The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 made the deductions for individuals on state income tax, local income tax, sales taxes and property taxes is now capped at 10,000. This has resulted in a significant federal tax increase for many taxpayers. In addition, many homeowners are now prevented from claiming their mortgage interest due to this law. Solages believes law should be amended and the cap should be raised to 20,000. This will be one of his top priorities.



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